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East Side Gallery

East side gallery, Berlin wall

Griebel gnome factory

Visiting the magical Griebel gnome factory (est 1874), Gräfenroda


Train room of the Zwergenmuseum, Gräfenroda

Faber Castel

The magnificent HQ of Faber Castel. Was mesmerized watching pencils being made, visited the grounds' Schloss (castle), and was amazed at the company's dominant presence in the picturesque Stein

München Detective agency

Detective agency, München

Gutenberg Museum

Replica of Gutenberg’s printing press, Mainz

Rüdesheim Castle

Rüdesheim, the start of a 5 day hike along the Rhine


Walking up Lorch vineyards

Wine Box

Wine boxes peppered the trail; leave 2 € and sip some local Riesling. Note Pfalzgrafenstein Castle in the water, built as a toll station in 1327 by Ludwig the Bavarian, Kaub

Sankt Goarshausen

Sankt Goarshausen

Cafe Konig

Black forest cake at the old world Cafe König, Baden Baden